specialized accounting solutions
Tax Statements

Tax Statements

We provide the completion and submission of all types of tax statements for individuals.



Forming, bookkeeping and monitoring of Cyprus companies or offshore companies.

Accounting - Audit

Accounting - Audit

Rendering services relevant to audit and internal control to any concerned enterprises.

Law Support

Law Support

We cooperate with law offices, notary's offices and insurance companies providing legal assistance.

bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation and other accounting services

Accounting Solutions

Reliability, honesty, diligence, continuous guidance, follow-up and immediate response, which describe the way we operate, all emanate from the confidence you demonstrate to us these years.


Accounting - Tax Services

Formation, bookkeeping either manuscript or computerized, dissolution of companies no matter of the legal form (partnership, limited partnership, L.T.D., S.A.).

Complete support and experience in computerized bookkeeping of accounting books of both Second (income – expenses) and Third Category (Hellenic General Accounts System) used by commercial, services providing, technical, transportation, industrial and construction companies.

Continuous monitoring of the obligations each company has monthly (document entry, trial balance, accounts accordance, printing of formal accounting books, V.A.T, payroll tax) and yearly (arrangements and operating completion of the year, balance sheet, publications, submissions to the appropriate public services, register of fixed assets, depreciations). Printing and accordance of the special customers-suppliers sheet.

Operating results, Net results, Appropriation account, Financial reports, evaluation and analysis of each economic and finance element and index. Corporation's Income statement, tax statement, for period and liquidation of withholding taxes etc. Calculation of surplus value, real estate tax, editing and submission of corresponding documents.

Payroll - Labour Services

Complete support for labour and employment issues, computerised monitoring and printing of the whole payroll section (payroll tables, calculations, receipts, income memorandums, scheduled work hours and duties.)

Calculating of the legal contributions for main and subsidiary insurance funds, grants from the Employment Organisation, updating and compliance with current labour legislation.

Printing and submission of all types of documents need for the Employment Organisation and Formal Inspection. Handling of such issues in public services.

Shipping Accounting

Monitoring, specialization and experience in bookkeeping of ship joint ventures, joint ownerships, and shipping companies – administration companies according to laws

L.N 89/67, L.N. 378/68, L.N. 27/75 and L.N. 959/79. Additionaly shipping companies owning yachts.

More Accounting Services

All type of documents associated with the Board of Directors and General Assembly.
Tax statement of the entrepreneur and partners. Tax consulting services for business and external occupation relevant to such as public services, banks, insurance funds registers, payments etc.

  • Bookkeeping and experience in Free Lancers such as Doctors, Lawyers, Notaries, Architects, Engineers, Insurance Consultants, Brokers,

    Shipping Agents.

  • We undertake the tax consulting, the organising and the supervising of any type of business.
  • We provide a complete support for foreigners and abroad residents for resolving any kind of issues including the avoidance of double taxation.
  • Bookkeeping and experience in Corporations of Non Profit Purpose.
  • Forming, bookkeeping and monitoring of Cyprus companies or offshore companies.
  • Handling of issues relevant to public organizations or Public Economic Services.